My Wife Refuses To Let My Mom Meet Our Dauthgter

My Wife Refuses To Let My Mom Meet Our Dauthgter

My wife and my mother have a long history of bitterness together. They've never outright done anything to each other, but it accumulated when I was having a disagreement with my mother over something unrelated to my wife, and my wife ended the convo with a Rot You Old Bith.

After that stint, I went no contact with my mother for two years by choice. Little by little, I began to miss her and want to talk to her, so I eventually opened up to my wife and she essentially told me that she would never disallow me to see her, however that she won't be doing anything that makes her uncomfortable, and seeing my mother is one of those. I agreed to that, for another two years. it went on like that.

When wife got pregnant with our daughter, we were so happy! But in the same conversation, she quieted down and I asked her what was wrong. She looked me in the eyes, and with one of the most serious tones I have ever heard her use, she said You Mother Will Never Meet My Child. I didn't say anything at the time. I was mostly processing what she said, and didn't bring up the subject until my side of the family found out and begun to ask her about the baby. She got offended as they had never really spoken to her througout the years, but now she was pregnant everyone in my family was fussing over her. I agreed with her and told her if she wanted to turn down their advancements, it wouldn't be inapproprite.

To Be Continued

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